The Land of the Farinons

This is the Ecomuseu Farinera’s space for playing and learning! Find the 40 hidden «farinons» and choose the one you want to sponsor.


Land of Granges

Would you like to learn about the granges around us? Granges are the estates build on reclaimed land that used to be ponds.

Caràtula Terra de Molins

Land of Mills

Would you like to learn more about the flour mills of the Alt Empordà? Pick your route and find information and photographs of the water and wind mills. 

Imatge de les Fites Tecnològiques

Technological Milestones

Technology is found in all spheres of human activity, and naturally in mills as well.

The Farinera of Castelló d’Empúries offers a wide range of technological applications: from wind turbines to draw in air to the rollers that power the mills’ cylinders.

How do machines work? The technological milestones you can download in PDFs will shed light on basic milling technology.


Lectura fàcil Ecomuseu Farinera

Easy reading

The Ecomuseu Farinera has launched its accessibility plan with the goal of working to make the museum increasingly accessible, inclusive and social. This is why we have created easy reading content to share our collection.

Easy reading makes texts easier to understand.

It is designed for people who find it hard to read.

The Ecomuseu Farinera is beginning to prepare easy reading texts.

We want the museum to be accessible to everyone.

This is the first reading we have prepared.

It’s about cylinder mills.

We hope you like it! 

Portada Catàleg Geografies Compartides

Shared Geographies catalogue

Travel through the streets, squares and alleyways of the town to discover the faces that inhabit it today and hear recordings of some of their stories and experiences. Geografies COMPARTIDES aims to given a name to people and their human stories, each of which is unique and particular to them, which together weave a picture of everyday life in the village, including children and the elderly, men and women. An artistic project by Pilar Farrés i Manel Puig.

You can purchase this publication in the Museum Shop.


Virtual tour of the Ecomuseu Farinera

A virtual tour of the museum.

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